Finding Plus Size Swimwear That Looks and Feels Great – 38DD Swimwear

38dd swimwearSummertime means trips to the beach and hours spent lounging poolside. For many women, it also means a time to go swimsuit shopping. Finding swimwear is frustrating, especially when browsing for plus-sizes. However, attractive, quality pieces can be found, if you know what to look for. Read on for tips to getting swimwear for your body type and fashion preference.

Realize That Sizes Are Not Universal

You can’t go by numbers alone. One designer’s size 18 is another’s 14W. Instead, refer to the hips, waist, and bust measurements of sizing charts. This way, when you go to the store or order swimwear online, you’ll have a better chance of finding an item that fits.

Know Your Shape

As with dresses or jeans, swimwear will fit differently on individual body types. For example, a tankini may flatter an apple-shaped woman who wishes to hide her tummy yet show off her lean legs. It may not, however, produce the same effect on a pear-shaped woman who wishes to detract attaction from her hips.

Apple-shaped figures are generally characterized by weight distributed predominantly on the upper body, with wide shoulders and an undefined waist offset by thinner hips and legs. This body type looks good in swimwear with a high-leg cut to show off defined thighs and calves. To hide a tummy, look for pieces with ruched gathering at the waist. The Miraclesuit line offers swimwear with slimming panels along the sides to create an hourglass effect. Patterns such as diagonal stripes and color blocks can give the illusion of a smaller upper body as well.

Pear-shaped figures have greater weight distributed on the lower body, usually characterized by fuller hips, a narrow waist, and small shoulders. Women with this body type often have a hard time finding a size that accomodates their smaller upper bodies. Two-piece swimsuits are a better option, allowing mixing and matching. Look for bottoms that offer full coverage, such as the classic cut. Avoid billowy skirt styles. These can actually make the lower half of the body appear bigger.

It helps to take in other figure factors as well whens shopping for plus-size swimwear, such as height, bust size, and torso structure. Women 5’8 or over wishing to wear one-pieces may need to look specifically for lines that come in tall sizes to accomodate their longer torsos. Petite women 5’4 and under will find that swimsuit separates can create the illusion of length. Look for underwire support in 38DD Swimwear and above for large busts. Padded styles are also available for smaller-busted ladies.

A Word About Fabric Quality

It doesn’t matter if a swimsuit fits if you don’t feel good in it. Thin spandex material, skimpy covereage, or loose elastic are usually signs that a swimsuit isn’t of the finest quality. When trying on swimwear, spend a couple of minutes sitting, standing, bending, marching in place, and walking. If the suit bunches, shifts, or you have to restrict your movements to keep it in place, leave it in the store or return it to the online retailer.

Shop At Retailers That Cater To Plus Size

One of the biggest challenges for plus-sized women is knowing wear to shop for quality swimwear. Retailers like Lane Bryant and Avenue offer attractive and durable swimsuit selections both in store and online. 38DD Swimwear and above for ladies who have larger busts is available at For youthful swimwear styles, stores like Ashley Stewart and Torrid carry the latest trends structured appropriately for plus sizes.

38DD Swimwear and Above

Try these tips to address the challenges of finding plus size swimwear. Find your perfect suit today!